Thanks so much for attending our December 2020 Virtual Conference Day!

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Educational Concurrent Sessions | 9:00am-9:50am

CA-154 | Introducing Physical Activity Into Group Art Therapy in an Alternative School Setting | ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Marlie Krickus, MA, ATR-BC, LPC

FS-34 | "Not Quite There": Art Therapy Exploring Transitions for Those with Sexual Offenses| ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Bani Malhotra, MA, ATR and David Gussak, PhD, ATR-BC

MS-142 | Balancing Quantity and Quality of Art Therapy Service in Medical Setting | ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Yasuko Yoshihara, MA, ATR-BC, LCPC

CA-154 | Introducing Physical Activity Into Group Art Therapy in an Alternative School Setting | ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Marlie Krickus, MA, ATR-BC, LPC

Plenary Session | 10:05am-11:05am

PP-367 | Mental Health During Covid-19: Strategies for Compassion and Self-Care | ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Matt Kudish, MSW, MPA

Educational Concurrent Sessions | 11:10am-12:00pm

PP-352 | Constructed Visual Narratives: Creatively Advancing Our Discipline's Professional & Mental Health Perspectives | ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Ronald P.M.H. Lay, MA, AThR, ATR-BC

ES-54 | Art-Based Supervision; Rationale, Training Course and Applied ResearchATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Tami Gavron, PhD

MS-29 | Group Art Therapy in an Outpatient Setting for Teens with Chronic Pain | ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Julie Moreno, PhD, LPC, ATR-BC

TE-276 | DICATS - Immersive and Media-Based Interactive Symposium | ATCB, NY LCAT by Arun Ramakrishnan, PhD, Nancy Choe, MFA, MA, LMFT, ATR and Natalie Carlton, PhD, ATR-BC, LPCC

Educational Concurrent Sessions | 12:15pm-1:05pm

TR-39 | Quilting as TherapyATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Kathleen Decker, MD

TE-31 | Mindful Based Art Therapy as a “Gateway” Intervention for College Students | ATCB, NY LCAT by Megan Beerse, MS, 200-RYT and Theresa Van Lith, PhD, ATR-BC, AThR

SS-221| School Based Art Therapy Practices to Ameliorate Symptoms of Anxiety | ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Colleen Siskar, MA, LCAT, ATR-BC, Marygrace Berberian, MA, MSW, LCAT, ATR-BC, LCSW and Kristin Winter, MA, LCAT, ATR-BC

MS-247 | Creative Connections: Building New Narratives with Bereaved Families| ATCB, NY LCAT by Alexis Lombardo, MA, ATR-BC and Christina A. Myers, MMT, MT-BC

Educational Concurrent Sessions | 1:50pm-2:40pm

Educational Concurrent Sessions | 2:45pm-3:35pm

MS-97 | Leaving a Legacy: Face Painting, Molds, and Memories in Pediatric Art Therapy | ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Ashley Wood, MA, ATR-BC, CIMI

PS-205 | Trust the Process: Practical Approaches to Art Therapy with Adults in Shelter| ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Kathryn Harmon, MA, ATR

SS-360 | Get Your Art Game On! Student-Athletes and the El Duende Painting Process| ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Barbara Parker-Bell, PsyD, ATR-BC and Emi Illig, MS

Educational Concurrent Sessions | 3:50pm-4:40pm

AC-200 | Socially Conscious Art Therapy with Survivors of Sex Trafficking | ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Emily Frost, MS, ATR-P, LAAT and Emma McGovern, MS, ATR-P

RE-120 |A Phenomenological Inquiry Into the Artists of the Holocaust| ATCB, NY LCAT by Elizabeth Hlavek, DAT, LCPAT, ATR-BC

MS-199 | Art Therapy in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): Milestone Photo Program| ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Meg Weryha, MA, ATR-BC

Educational Concurrent Sessions | 4:45pm-5:35pm

TR-298 | Transformative Healing Through TraumaInformed Internal Family Systems and Art Therapy | ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Diana Sabados, MA, LCPC, LCPAT, LPC, ATR-BC, ATCS, ACS

MS-82 | Validating Art Therapy for Pediatric Patients| ATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Elizabeth Fallat, MA

AU-183 |Using a Narrative Approach to Art Therapy with Young Adults with AutismATCB, NBCC, NY LCAT by Ashley Hartman, PhD, ATR-BC, Taylor Guttesman, MA, Paige Owings, Juliette Meyers, MA, and Sabrina Sacco, MA, ATR