NY-0104 - Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Mandalas: A Structured Narrative Approach


This study conducted in Caracas, Venezuela, evaluates the psycho-physiological effects in women with Fibromyalgia Syndrome of drawing and coloring mandalas comprising a structured narrative based on Joan Kellogg’s Archetypal Stages of the Great Round of Mandala. Patients reported reduced tender points and improvement in depressed mood.

Learning Objectives
    1. Describe the structured narrative approach used in this study.
    2. Verbalize three benefits of a structured narrative approach using mandalas with medical patients.
    3. Describe three benefits of creating and coloring mandalas in a group setting.

    Susanne F. Fincher

    Art Therapist, Creating Mandalas

    Susanne F. Fincher, LPC, ATR-BC is a Jungian oriented art therapist with an interest in mandalas, circular designs with psychological significance. She has produced Creating Mandalas, the Mandala Workbook, and the Coloring Mandalas series. Susanne offers a Mandala Certificate Program through CreatingMandalas.com.

    Gisela García

    Art therapist specialist in mandalas with Jungian orientation. Industrial and Graphic designer, artist, Mandala Mystical Art designer products. Certified NLP practitioner. Genuine Contact Professional trained to facilitate processes with Open Space Technology. Graduated in Mandala  Reflexion of the Self with Susanne Fincher, Atlanta, USA. Creator and facilitator of Mandalas to Evolve, Education - training for Psycho-spiritual guides using mandalas. Author of the printed yearly creative diary Mandalas, since 2009.


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