0508 - Developing into Professional Art Therapists: Helping Students Foster Important Qualities During Practicum


This course examines findings from a qualitative study that asked on-site supervisors about important qualities in art therapy practicum students. Practical knowledge in the form of considerations is explored that can initiate poignant discussions in supervision to enhance student growth and provide better preparation towards becoming professional art therapists.

Learning Objectives
    1. Identify key qualities that are important for art therapy students to foster during practicum.
    2. Determine gaps in training that would better prepare students for their practicum.
    3. Articulate how the practicum experience helps shape art therapy professionalism.

    Dr. Theresa Van Lith

    Associate Professor and Clinical Coordinator, Florida State University

    Dr. Van Lith’s (ATR-BC, AThR) research interests have stemmed from working in the mental health system back in her home country, Australia. She has since investigated art therapy professional development and service delivery models in the United States, such as implementing best practice interventions with children and using web-based art therapy with university students.


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    10 Questions  |  Unlimited attempts  |  10/10 points to pass
    10 Questions  |  Unlimited attempts  |  10/10 points to pass
    Quality Assessment
    4 Questions
    4 Questions Please complete the questions to rate your experience with the course.
    Up to 1.00 credits available  |  Certificate available
    Up to 1.00 credits available  |  Certificate available